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New designer medicines known as synthetic marijuana are being marketed throughout the country. They are making plenty of concern within the community of medical practitioners since the producers of the new medicines are totally unchecked. Very often, while an individual is brought to a hospital with the complaint of consuming excessive medicines, physicians could not treat them as they are not sure about the components of the medicines. If somebody you know or you have become addicted to synthetic marijuana is very essential to get medical assistance from the programs of drug detoxification. It might be needed for them to pass through a program marijuana detoxification prior to considering for rehabilitation.

Designer medicines are narcotics which are not regulated and produced by persons having no scientific backgrounds. Owing to this reason they are very risky for individuals to consume. It is not possible for physicians to make treatment of an individual when he or she shows side effects for this medicine. Recently there have been various new instances of overdoses associated with synthetic marijuana. This is causing a great concern among the medical community. Some countries have already banned the use of these medicines although a federal ban on marketing the medicines have not been done yet.

Numbers of individuals who utilize synthetic marijuana regularly develop severe psychological symptoms. Actually, there is similarity with the side effects of synthetic marijuana with the crystal meth side effects. Primarily, it acts in a way which is totally opposite to the functioning of natural marijuana. There has been a growing surge in the cases of poison control centre and hospital admission. Symptoms of utilization include hallucinations, impaired coordination, memory loss and panic attacks. Still now spice is available widely though it has been banned in various places. Spice is available over the counter in many places if a client is aware of the terms by which the selling is conducted. Some people are of the opinion that a stricter ban on synthetic medicines is needed, however, few others think that this would exacerbate the problem only.

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The withdrawal symptoms which are found from the utilization of Spice are trembling, tremors, headaches, vomiting, depression, hopelessness, palpitations and desperation. The ideal way to control withdrawal symptoms from Spice is to admit the patients to a detoxification centre. When any individual becomes addicted to Spice, relinquishing the habit is more difficult and more painful even. Therefore, proper attention has to be given to those types of patients.

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